Reading Fightin’ Phils – FirstEnergy Stadium: Coolest Minor League Baseball Stadium Amenities

Reading Fightin' Phils logo with an ostrich in a boxing stance and fists up reading to fight.

The Reading Fightin’ Phils are the AA affiliates of the Philadelphia Phillies. They play at FirstEnergy Stadium in Reading, PA. Early on in Coolest Minor League Baseball Stadium Amenities, I created posts of stadiums I did not necessarily visit. I either stopped by the stadium only or heard of cool features of particular stadiums. This is one of those posts. Most posts afterwards have only been from stadiums that I go to and have first hand footage to share.

Nevertheless, this is still a pretty cool video because the features of this stadium make me want to visit. This stadium has been around since 1951 and has continuously upgraded to keep up with the times and make it attractive for visitors. The stadium’s nickname is Baseballtown.

One of the biggest renovations of the stadium was building a heated pool just outside the right field wall. They heat the pool to 87 degrees for the cooler Pennsylvania evenings. The Reading Fightin’ Phils have several mascots that make up a literal band. You will find a crazy hot dog vendor, riding an ostrich, and selling hot dogs. Reading Fightin’ Phils and Baseballtown is really the epitome of what you think of when you think minor league baseball.

The video below was the second in the series. You can watch the first here if you need to catch up.


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As I shared above, I have yet to visit this stadium. Is there anything I missed that should have been included? With a place called Baseballtown, I am sure I missed some great feature.

Baseballtown logo, nickname for the area/stadium that the Reading Fightin' Phils play. A hot dog with an intense looking face holding a bat over its shoulder. Baseballtown is written in script in what I assume the artist was trying to make look like mustard.

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