Minor League Fan Club Podcast Trailer

Minor League Fan Club podcast logo. Circular logo with orange background with Minor League Fan Club text circling a happy baseball with a hat on. Sound waves behind the baseball within the orange circle to differentiate the logo from the regular Minor League Fan Club logo.

In a nutshell, this is a podcast about traveling to different cities and towns to visit different minor league level baseball ballparks. The podcast will give you insights into what makes each ballpark special, cool things to do, eat, and see , and some can’t miss attractions while you are there. Don’t travel all the way to a new city without checking out what else it has to offer.

The podcast will also dive into what to do, see, and eat while you’re in town as well. Hopefully, while you are doing your research before visiting, this podcast will be one of the resources you use. You can check out this previous post to learn more of how the podcast came about and more details.

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    1. Jared, I would love to chat with you about Syracuse! Would you mind filling out the Google Form with the link in the post? You’ll be able to include some additional information and I’ll email you with a Calendly link to set up a time to do an interview.

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