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Minor League Fan Club Podcast

The long awaited Minor League Fan Club podcast is coming soon! Long awaited by whom? Well, mainly me because I’ve been saying that I wanted to do a podcast for years. I almost started one about two years ago but I did not feel that the podcast was exactly what I was looking to do. A great idea but not entirely the direction I wanted.

One main part of minor league level baseball that I love is the uniqueness of each stadium. So much so that I started a series on TikTok and Instagram called Coolest Minor League Baseball Stadium Amenities. I walk through the stadium and highlight the features and food during these short videos

Who Should Listen?

Fast forward to a few months ago when that aha moment hit me. That’s how they say it usually occurs right?

“What is a pain point of others that you can help solve?” was the question that I simply couldn’t answer thoroughly for a long time.

There was one problem that I kept encountering when I would plan stadium visits. As someone who road trips to stadiums across the United States, I also like to enjoy the unknowns of each stadium or its main features. I also like to explore the city that I am visiting. What landmarks do I need to see? Where are the cool art installations and/or murals? What famous (insert almost anything here) do I need to see before I leave? What food must I try?

I found that I am not the only one who asks these questions. I have many baseball friends who make treks across the U.S. as well to visit ballparks and wonder what they need to see and eat while in town. A lot of the minor league towns we visit are often cities we would probably never consider going to when planning a vacation. But that is where a lot of these ballparks are located and there is a lot of interesting things to see and do in each.

What unique food should I try in Midland, Texas? What do the locals suggest to do in Minot, North Dakota if you’re only in town for a day? Which beach should I go to when in Pensacola, Florida before the game?

What Will The Podcast Be About?

The goal of the podcast is to highlight the uniqueness of each stadium by talking to a staff member from that ballpark. We will discuss the unique features, food offerings, who their mascot(s) are, and what promotions we shouldn’t miss.

I’ll interview a local fan who will share their secrets of the stadium and their experience when they attend. We’ll also discuss what they like to do and eat in the city of the stadium for that episode. Lastly, I would like to interview one or two people of suggested local places to visit and/or eat.

My intention is for this to be an audio show as well as a video show on YouTube. With that being said, I am looking for guests to be on a future episode. I am looking for staff members for minor league level baseball and fans. This includes affiliated Minor League Baseball, independent leagues, collegiate level baseball, and any other level that embody the spirit of minor league baseball that is not MLB. The main criteria for being on the show is that you know the stadium thoroughly. For fans, you will also need to know a bit about the city that the stadium is in as well. We will be discussing suggestions to visit and places to eat.

Can I Be On The Podcast?

If this sounds like you then please fill out this Google form and I will get in contact with you to discuss when we can set up an interview. I am eager to hear from you and look forward to learning about your favorite stadium and the city.

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