Episode 006: MInor League Fan Club Podcast – Minor Changes

In episode 006 of Minor League Fan Club podcast/show, I discuss a scheduling change for the podcast/show. I talk about why the change is necessary at this time. I also confirm that the show has no intentions of ending. There’s still so many teams we have to learn about.

One area that the community will benefit from the change in schedule is that more content can be produced. I’ll be able to do more in the form of blog posts, social media posts, and YouTube videos.

Unfortunately, my time is finite and I cannot deliver the show to you each week as much as I want to produce a weekly show for you. Each week I was starting each episode on Friday morning and finishing late Thursday night. I found myself cutting some corners and not fully completing the show like I wanted. I will now go back and update some of the areas I skipped so that the show is done correctly. Don’t worry, you probably won’t even notice the changes but the changes will enhance your experience.

I know some may say “boo-hoo, then don’t do a show”. Then there is the wonderful supporters that I know say that we understand.

I am one person who finds tremendous joy in participating in the minor league level baseball community. If I had it my way then I would probably do minor league level baseball content as a career because I just love being around it.

If you get the chance then I hope you give the short episode a listen or watch this week. I will be returning this week for the first new episode on the new bi-weekly schedule.

Below you can either watch episode 006 on YouTube or listen to the audio version.

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